We have been in the piercing industry for many years, and comply with the state government hygiene and safety requirements, in accordance with the SKIN PENETRATION ACT WA.

We use one use needles for body piercing, and the highest quality grade titanium jewellery on new piercings.

Our ear lobe piercing service is smooth and there is no ‘bang’ making it less upsetting for younger or nervous clients.  We do offer double operators, which is when 2 persons will pierce as the same time, for anyone who is nervous about the procedure.

We have age restrictions on all piercings and ID will be required and checked prior to us performing the service.  If you are under the legal age, we will accept a signature from the Parent or Guardian, but they must be present with proof of guardianship (such as a medicare card) and they must have their own photo ID also.

In the event of not being able to provide adequate ID we reserve the right to refuse the service.  We do not wish to offend anyone, but the documentation is a legal form and as such we have the right to refuse the service if any doubt occurs.

We also stock a wide range of good quality jewellery for you to purchase when your piercing has healed.

Aftercare instructions are given and products are available to purchase to ensure the best healing results are obtained.

Piercings in Quinns Rocks, Northern Suburbs of Perth