Asap bliss facial for sensitive skin

Clients concerned with sensitivity in their skin are often reluctant to have facials.  This gentle treatment uses specially selected asap products designed to hydrate sensitive skin and stimulate cell turnover, leaving skin calm and soothed.

Asap teenage acne mini facial

An effective treatment, designed specifically to help young skin prone to breakouts. Significant hormonal changes can occur during the teen years, resulting in increased oil production and congestion. This treatment will decongest the skin and stimulate the healing process, revealing a cleaner, clearer, glowing complexion.


After a skin consultation to check your requirements, concerns and suitability you can choose from any of the following treatments:

Asap DNA regeneration treatment

Asap’s DNA regeneration treatment uses the latest scientific technologies to assist in the repair of cellular DNA damage, minimising the effects of biological and premature ageing. Using Telomere Technology and a number of highly active complexes, this treatment will result in a younger, radiant, healthier looking skin.

Asap ultimate hydration facial

The ideal treatment to plump and saturate life back into dull and dehydrated skin, this super hydrating facial will cleanse the skin of impurities and allow asap products to infuse deeply into the skin, leaving a bright, hydrated and younger looking complexion. Immerse the skin in ultimate hydration.

Asap boost and brighten facial

Using active ingredients and antioxidants, this revitalising treatment, ideal for mature skin, promotes cell turnover, stimulates collagen and reduces pigmentation. asap products work together to prevent the signs of premature ageing by minimising fine lines, thickened skin  and uneven skin tone.

Asap anti-ageing treatment facial

Asap’s version of the fountain of youth. This relaxing and simple skin treatment will help minimise the signs of ageing, reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin tone and texture, revealing a clearer, firmer looking skin.


Are any of the customised facials, with the added benefit of either:

A back and shoulder massage or

Leg and feet massage


The skin is the body’s largest organ, performing a multitude of functions in overall skin health. Skin is the barrier between the body and external elements including pollution, impurities and UVA/UVB rays. Just like our physical fitness, supporting skin health requires dedication. asap gym for the skin workouts provide results-driven treatments tailored to you to reach your skin care goals. Combined with effective home care, asap gym for the skin workouts ensure you are on the right track for healthy, beautiful skin every day.

No home preparation is required for the gym for skin treatment.  It is a step up from the customised facials, and an infusion of the antioxidants and serums delivered as a buffered  facial peel.


Peels can significantly improve the appearance of skin imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles, irregular texture, dull and sallow skin, hyper pigmentation and acne. A peel works by exfoliating and removing the outermost layer of the skin.

Often we develop imperfections such as sunspots or scars, which only affect the top few layers of skin. Peels provide a deep exfoliation of the outermost layer of the skin, which in turn stimulates cell turnover and collagen synthesis, so that newer, healthier skin cells can surface.

Asap’s range of peels provide a non-invasive procedure for those seeking highly visible results and can be customised to provide the level of exfoliation required. All skin types will benefit from asap peels.

A thorough skin consultation will be performed prior to the application of a peel treatment to assess your individual suitability for this range of treatments.  Ask our friendly therapists for more information.